Northeast is home to several unique agricultural produce, some of which are not quite known outside the region. A huge number of farmers here toil hard for a living but are yet to fully reap the benefits of their agricultural produce. Realising this gap between the farmers and the buyers, a Meghalaya based company named Chillibreeze Solutions Pvt. Ltd came up with a new venture named Zizira which promotes organic and responsible farming in the region.

Unique and healthy produce straight from the farms of Meghalaya!

Zizira, whose sole objective is to bridge the gap between the farmers and buyers in the NE region, started operating from September 2015. They began their journey with the farmers of Meghalaya, by making the naturally grown local produce from their agricultural lands available to a global audience via e-commerce sites.

Some of the best selling products from Zizira include ground and packaged products of Lakadong turmeric, different varieties of local rice, varieties of chilli and pepper, cinnamon bark, cashew and sweet corn, orange honey, hot sauces, Lakadong turmeric, pepper longum, Bhut jolokia chilli, Khasi sticky rice, Joha rice of Garo hills, Black sticky rice etc.

Szechuan pepper available at Zizira

Talking about the initial journey, Lanotola Angela Lemtur who is a member of Zizira says, “Many families in the NE region rely on farming for their livelihood. Because of the uniqueness of the region, farmers should be able to grow a variety of crops that can sell for a higher amount. However, they did not seem to fully reap the benefits of their produce. We decided to help the farmers in this regard by assisting them to market their produce.”

The team of Zizira began their journey with the farmers of Meghalaya. They started by writing posts around the many visits the Zizira team made to meet with farmers and institutions working in the area of agriculture, horticulture and so on.  Today, Zizira’s products are available at and

Bhut Jolokia Garlic Chutney for the adventurous ones!

Lanotola adds, “All of Zizira’s products are naturally grown.  Since the traditional farming techniques follow natural methods,  many of our products are clean from pesticides and toxins. We make it a point to source only from farmers we trust and work with. Each produce goes through some stringent quality check to make sure there is no adulteration. With each field visit to their farms, we ensure that we know how the produce are grown. Our vision is to give the farmers the much needed platform, besides providing healthy and naturally grown products to the people. ”

Photo Courtesy: Zizira






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