Established by Vaishnavite Saint Madhabdev in 1583 AD , the Barpeta Satra in Assam is known for its mesmerizing architecture and the colourful Doul Utsav. Every year, come the Assamese month of “Phagun”, the Satra witnesses a huge number of people from various parts of the world to catch a glimpse of its Doul Utsav.

The entire town welcomes the arrival of spring by splashing ‘aabir’ (colours) on each other. The celebration starts with a colourful procession of the idols of Mahaprabhu Dol Govinda and Kalia Thakur, amidst Naam Kirtan, with people putting colours on each other. It is then followed by a grand show of fireworks.

14141591_1164959383579279_5760965289097806064_nRenowned Assam-based photographer, Asutosh Kashyap captures some of the stunning images from Doul Utsav of Barpeta, which beautifully highlights the magnanimity of this festival. Asutosh, who has been selected as one of the 40 photographers around the globe to get featured in the upcoming “International Photography Exhibition: Live Your Dream”  at Sala De Arte Las Condes in Chile says,”On Doul Utsav, Barpeta looks like a colourful sea of people, dancing to the tune of spring and celebrating the victory of good over evil. It’s a sight of a lifetime.”

Below are some of the best moments of Barpeta’s Doul Utsav as captured by Asutosh:

The Doul Utsava procession begins from the Satra
The Idols of Dol Govinda and Kalia Thakur being taken out in Jatra.
Followers performing Naam Kirtan
As the vibrant colours speak
Bearers preparing for the procession
People performing Naam Kirtan during the Jatra




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