Subrata Patowary: The Next Northeastern To Reach To The Finals of Red Bull Doodle Championship


The artistic scene of Northeast is blooming and many self-trained artists are on the rise. With around 20 entries from Assam in the recently concluded Red Bull Doodle Championship, Subrata Patowary set another benchmark as he became the next consecutive Northeastern to reach the finals of Red Bull Doodle Championship representing India. 

Subrata beside his artwork at Metropolis ASIA 2016

Drawing and scribbling as a child for as long as he could remember, Subrata took things seriously after High School. Subrata achieved recognition after he was invited to do a commissioned artwork in Corner Café. Apart from exhibiting his artworks under the renowned Lalit Kala Akademi, Subrata also worked with Team Metropolis ASIA 2016 as an artist.

The entry that was selected as a Regional Winner from India.

Life took a U-Turn when he became the next Guwahatian to be selected as the Regional Winner from India after Santanu Hazarika. His entry was selected out of 100s from India and took him to the finals at San Francisco. A combination of white & red, it depicted life after apocalypse – a time when we’ll be dependent on masks for oxygen support.

Artist creates 3D art during the Red Bull Doodle Art global final in San Francisco on June 23, 2017.

Talking about his San Francisco experience, Subrata says, “These were the best days of my life till date.Much more than what I expected or saw in films. It was a dream come true. Got to meet a lot of people and learn about their culture. The VR experience and the tilt brush was a whole new dimension. You can create your own world and literally walk in it. That’s the future.”

With 2014 Doodle Champion Santanu Hazarika at San Francisco

Unfortunately, Subrata lost the World Champion Crown to Japan’s Ayaka Toyomasu where the regional winners used TiltBrush by Google to translate their 2D artworks into 3D masterpieces. But this wholesome opportunity boosted Subrata’s confidence and now he’s ready to take on the world as an indie artist.

Subrata during his commission artwork at Corner Cafe

Wishing Subrata all the best for his future endeavour!


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