The city of Guwahati is ushering a new era in modernity and has developed quite a liking for global cuisine. Taking a lead, Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati introduced a food festival that was unique in itself & gave a taste of the Mediterranean to the citizens of Guwahati.

The Mediterranean Food Festival, held on the premises of its restaurant Cafe-B-You from July 28- August 6, churned out a wide range of delicacies that originated in the region around the Mediterranean Sea. The festival witnessed glimpses of cuisine from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Lebanon etc to name a few.

With several chefs working tirelessly around the clock cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the festival pulled in many food lovers of the city. The tables were laid with different starters, main course and dessert, each standing out on its own.

A display showing ingredients for “make your own salad”

The list of starters were a colorful mix of a variety of salads, Arangini, Meze, Lebanese Falafel Stuffed in Pita Bread, Mediterranean Styled Chicken Clear Soup etc to name a few. The salads were draped in dressings of olive oil along with various herbs and spices such as parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme,etc.Food lovers also had fun preparing their own choice of salad with dressings of their preferences.

A chef preparing Mediterranean Kebabs on a live grill counter

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Kebabs and Grilled Fish cooked in the live counters satisfied the Kebab lovers in many of us. Besides grilled Kebabs and  vegetables, a wide assortment of imported cheese were also laid out in the dining area to choose from such as Gouda, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Feta, Parmesan etc.

Different types of cheese on display

The different kinds of Pasta were also deeply liked by many during the festival.

Pasta Variants

Thin crusted Italian pizzas came with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options much to the thrill of those for whom pizza is almost like a second nature.

Live Pizza counter for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians

The main course meals prepared by the expert chefs of Radisson hit the right note in the taste buds with their rich flavours. The main course had a potpourri of different items such as Mediterranean Lamb and Mutton curries fused with aromatic herbs. In addition to the above, Polenta and Paella were also included in the menu.

(Left) Mediterranean Lamb curry (Right) Paella

A Charcuterie was also laid out along with the counter dishes which was a pretty new & interesting thing to see. Sausages, salamis & pâtés were decorated in a rich display of their likes.

Bringing a new twist with the Charcuterie spread

And the goodness of it didn’t end with the main palette. Cravings for the sweet tooth were taken care of by the variant dessert counter that saw items ranging from different parts of Southern Europe. Delights from Greece, Italy and Arab were favourites alongwith Indian fusions like Coconut Peda, Dry Rasmalai or be it the Patishepta with a twist.

Sweets inspired from the Mediterranean region

Among the sweet dishes, Baklava, Loukoumades and Kataifi were some of the hot favourites among the people.

Talking to ETC, Executive Chef Vikas Kumar Verma expressed his desire to introduce the people of Guwahati to new cuisines and is very affirmative to lead the pack. The next big upcoming event will be the End of Monsoon Brunch which was a big hit last year and is sure to grab eyeballs this year too.

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