Gopeshwar Dewaloi: The lesser known facts


It is always a beautiful experience for both the believers and non believers to listen to the myths and events associated with a place of religious interest. The Gopeshwar Dewaloi is one such experience that would surely make you wonder about how it came into being!

Located in  Assam’s Kamrup district, the famous Gopeshwar Dewaloi in Deuduar is a place of great religious importance. The temple is connected by National Highway No 31 and is situated at a distance of about 30 kms from Guwahati.

The famous Gopeswar hill as the backdrop of this temple renders a mysterious aura to the entire area. Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati are worshipped here as the chief deities. The Gopeshwar hill runs along the entire length of Gopeshwar Dewaloi to another popular temple named Madan Kamdev. The cave where the idol is found, is home to several bats, insects and respects, which are said to cause no harm to the visitors!

Even though there is no concrete evidence of the year when the temple was originally constructed, it was believed to have come into being more than 300 years ago.

DSC_1056One of the priests there shares, “As per myth, long ago it was believed that a black cow used to disappear for a brief time every day. Upon investigation, the village folks discovered the cow in the area where the idol is situated. The cow then started lactating incessantly and the villagers soon discovered an idol of Shiva in that area. Myth has it that lord Shiva used to frequent Gopeswar Dewaloi and the cave where the idol was excavated  is believed to be the secret passage of the Lord. Soon people went on to regard the place holy and started offering their prayers.”DSC_1061According to the local myths,  Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva was hiding in the cave of ‘Deuduar’ hill and was later rescued by Lord Shiva. Hence, a bhog is presented to the deities everyday without fail.

The Parvati Guha (cave) situated at a little distance from the Gopeshwar Dewaloi, as such as, is also said have a secret passageway from the main temple to and is believed to bless married couples without a child with a newborn, if prayed with a pure heart. A large number of pilgrims visits this place every year, specially during shivratri.


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