Homecooked meal is one of the many things which we miss when staying miles away from home. The aroma of the familiar dishes is enough to bring back a surge of fond memories of the native land! Chaminnasi– a Northeastern food catering service in New Delhi is making a niche for itself by bringing authentic food from Northeast to everyone who would like to have a piece of home.

A Manipuri word, Chaminnasi means ‘let’s eat together’. True to the meaning of the word, the sole aim of Chaminnasi is to take the diverse cuisine of Northeastern food to new heights and popularise it among all sections of the people.


(Clockwise from top left) Nga Marum Thongba (fried roe curry), Chamfut and Ngarinkha (fried fish intestines with vegetables)

Talking about the conception of Chaminnasi, founder Trishna Wahengbam shares, “After completing my Masters in Environment and Development from Ambedkar University, I took a little gap period to mull over a few things.  During that period, I made a list of ideas that could be carried out into an entrepreneurial venture on the basis of my experience. Since, I could prepare Manipuri dishes quite well, the idea of opening a Manipuri food delivery service came to my mind. Also, there was no such service in the Delhi University area and hence,I decided to go on with this idea. After days of planning, advertisement and procuring resources, Chaminnasi was finally set up.”

Even though there is an abundance of food delivery services in Delhi, Trishna feels that Northeastern food is still a lesser explored category. She says, “In Delhi, there are not many Northeastern food delivery services. With Chaminnasi, we plan to bring the unforgettably exotic taste of the Northeast into the minds and plates of people residing in Delhi. The food of the Northeast has been a hidden gem for too long. It is time for the rest of the country to awaken to its exotic taste, which is both healthy and scrumptious.”


Mangal Ooti with fried fish, chamfut, chana kanghou, soibum eromba and nga ataoba Thongba

Reminiscing about Chaminnasi’s journey, Trishna says, “As time progressed, Chaminnasi gathered many customers from different parts of Northeast who felt at home with us. Keeping in mind of its rising popularity, we incorporated several other Northeastern cuisines in order to accommodate the taste of our diverse base of customers. Gradually, from a simple Manipuri Food Delivery Service, Chaminnasi turned into a full fledged Northeastern Food Delivery Service.”

 Fish Tenga

Trishna is helped in the functioning of the business by  her partner Mervyn Mathew and younger sister Tina Wahengbam. Talking about the working dynamics of Chamminasi, she shares, “The food that is delivered from Chaminnasi is cooked by me. The delivery is then done by our delivery staff. However, in the staff’s absence, we carry out our own delivery. Resources for the kitchen are bought weekly after careful selection of every vegetable, grains, pulses, meat etc. The entire concept of new events, presentation, payment and other transactions are monitored by both Mervyn and I. It’s totally a team effort!”

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular dishes from the kitchen of Chaminnasi.

Pork Dishes

Chaminnasi’s popular pork dishes includes special roasted pork ribs, Manipuri styled pork curry, pork with anishi, pork with akhuni, pork with bamboo shoot, pork with mustard leaves, pork with vegetables kangsoi (stew), pork with perilla seeds, galoh (rice porridge with pork and fermented soyaben), jadoh( Khasi styled pork fried rice) etc.


Pork with Bamboo Shoot


(Top) Hangamga Hawaijarga Thongba Pork; (Bottom) Karot Akhabi Kanghou

Chicken Dishes

Manipuri styled chicken curry (with extra heat), chicken bora, dohkhlieh, fried chicken curry, fried chicken with bamboo shoot, chicken with vegetables kangsoi (stew) etc are some of the hot favourites among the chicken dishes.


Chicken Liver Kanghou

Fish Dishes

Chaminnasi’s popular fish delicacies are Nga ataoba thongba (fried fish curry), atoiba thongba (mashed fish curry), maas tenga, steamed fish with bamboo shoot, fried fish head with bamboo shoot, ngarinkha kanghou (fried fish intestines with vegetables), fish with mustard seeds, fried fish etc.


Mukangaga Thongba Hangam Camfut

Vegetarian Dishes

Chaminnasi also have some wonderful vegetarian dishes such as pakora thongba, ooti, khar, aloo potol, eromba, morok metpa (hot chutney), kangsoi (vegetable stew), kanghou (stir fried vegetables), singju (hot Manipuri vegetable salad), etc.

Apart from the above classified dishes, they also serve several side dishes which are native of the region.

Price range: Depending on the delicacies, the items are priced between 50 INR – 170 INR.

Contact : +91 9873704232 or chaminnasi@gmail.com

Photo Courtesy: Chaminnasi


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