Tadu Amung Lollen was diagnosed with stomach cancer when she was just 27 years old. Even though the world came crashing for her, Amung didn’t let the darkest hour of her life break her spirit. She fought off her cancer with unwavering courage, eventually establishing AMG Accessories.

Last year, while undergoing her chemotherapy, Amung was left bedridden after a surgery for an entire week. Unable to talk or walk, she started thinking about the expenses involved with each treatment. It was during this time, when she recalled one of the conversations she had with a fellow cancer patient who was suffering financially. She realised she wanted to do something for the lesser blessed souls and eventually AMG Accessories came into being.

Amung, working alongside products available at AMG Accessories

AMG Accessories is a noble endeavour by Amung, where the money earned from the sold products goes towards the underprivileged people fighting cancer. Amung, who hails from Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh shares, “During my treatment, weak and bedridden, I started thinking, how lucky I was to be blessed by a family who supported me throughout the ordeal, both emotionally and financially. But not everyone is so fortunate. A conversation I once had with a fellow cancer patient broke my heart. A farmer, he told me how he had been shelling out Rs. 40,000 per chemo session and how it has taken a toll on his finances. During that moment, I realised I wanted to do something for the people, who cannot afford treatment for cancer. I didn’t know what, but I knew I had to do something.”


A year later as Amung got better, she founded AMG Accessories in March,2017 and thus began another chapter of her life.

Beautiful Dream Catchers from AMG Accessories

Amung taught herself how to handcraft each and every item they make at AMG Accessories. Some of their most popular products are dream catchers, earrings, wall art frame made of stones, flowers made of felt cloth and foam sheet etc. The earrings are made of local beads mixed with commercial beads, in an attempt to highlight the rich culture and traditions of Arunachal Pradesh.

Colorful earrings made from local beads found at AMG Accessories

Amung says, “Cancer drains you physically, emotionally and financially. Through this endeavour, I believe I am not only helping others but also healing myself in the process.” AMG Accessories made its first donation on May this year to a patient from Arunachal Pradesh, who has been undergoing treatment for nasal cancer at Shillong’s NEIGHRIMS. She will also be organising a Cancer Awareness program in Itanagar from August 4th-6th.  Amung is also in the process of registering AMG as an NGO which will be known as “AMG FOUNDATION”.”

Tadu Amung lollen (left), son Lige Lollen (centre) and husband Molee Lollen (right) on their wedding

Happily married to Molee Lollen, Lead Vocals/Guitars of Yesterdrive and blessed with an adorable boy, Amung shares, “What keeps me going is the fact that people have been very supportive of my venture. My family, friends and well-wishers gave me immense love and encouragement. Without their constant support, I would have stopped working on AMG and wouldn’t have made it to this level.  I am always thankful to everyone who stood by me. Through AMG Accessories, help us help others”

Photo Courtesy: AMG Accessories
You can reach out to Tadu Amung Lollen at amungtad@gmail.com


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