The sky here is a bright orange hue and the entire village has an aura of tranquility about it. We are talking about Namphake – a quaint little village in Assam’s Dibrugarh district; a place beautifully co-existing with the crystal clear waters of the Burhidihing river.

 8 things to do while on a visit to Namphake :

1) Located around six kms from Naharkatiya town in Dibrugarh district, Namphake is the largest of all the existing Tai Phake villages in Assam with near about 150 families living here.DSC_04962) Namphake greets its guests with traditional chang-ghars (houses made of bamboo and dried toko leaves), lining both sides of the village’s narrow roads. Built on piles of wood above the ground locally known as “haun hang”, these chang-ghars are specially designed to resist the flood waters from the Buridihing river during the rainy season.DSC_03803) Buddhism is the chief faith in Namphake and the Buddhist Monastery located here is considered as a holy place. People from various places come here to visit this monastery. Interestingly, the village has almost zero percent crime rate. The reason: People here believes in following the ideals of Lord Buddha and live in harmony with each other.DSC_0459
4) The monastery, established in the year 1850, is run by the monks residing there in cooperation with the locals. The monastery library contains a Mahabharata written in the Tai Phake language which is more than 100 years old. The community members look after the preservation and restoration of the age old scriptures along with the monks.DSC_06475) When in Namphake, make sure to taste some mouth-watering traditional Tai Phake delicacies in the Hapkhaek Eco Resort.DSC_04126) Visit Namphake and experience their wonderful festivals such as Poi Sangken, Buddha Purnima, Naun-wa, Poi- Okwa and Poi Mai-ko-chum-fai.DSC_05257) People in Namphake begin their day by offering the first morsel of their food to the monks living in the monastery – a tradition that has been going on for ages.DSC_05648) Some other attractions to see while on a stay here are the Nong Mungchiringta (Musulinda Tank), Ashoka Pillar and Pagoda.C360_2015-10-01-21-08-10-144

 If nature and peace is what you’re seeking for, then this is the place to be !!



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